What is a HeteroFoaMTM?

HeteroFoaM is Heterogeneous Functional Material that comprises an energy system. Our team is developing a greater understanding of HeteroFoaM in order to create systems that generate power without waste by-products.

As one of 46 Energy Frontier Research Centers funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, the HeteroFoaM Center is discovering science fundamentals that lay the groundwork for the creation of clean, renewable energy sources that reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.


We are empowering energy innovation.

The HeteroFoaM Center is an Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC), funded by the Office of Basic Energy Sciences at the U. S. Department of Energy. The EFRC program was introduced in 2009 to advance energy research in order to accelerate our progress toward energy independence and national security.

The collaborative vision and research of the HeteroFoaM team has defined the control science of a new class of heterogeneous functional materials that, unlike the heterostructures common to electronic materials, involve the co-dependent management, conversion, and transfer of mass, heat, and electricity. The HeteroFoaM team has created not only a new material concept, they have created a unique foundation for advancing the basic science of energy materials. The purpose of the HeteroFoaM Center is to establish a fundamental understanding of HeteroFoaMs so that they can be designed and used to create energy conversion and storage devices that benefit our communities, our country, and the world.

About HeteroFoaMTM

HeteroFoaM is heterogeneous functional material that is at the heart of energy systems such as fuel cells, batteries, and membranes. Their properties and functionality are dependent on their structure, composition, morphology, and feature size. There is no existing body of control science for HeteroFoaM, and no multiphysics understanding of how they can be synthesized for specific devices to convert or store sustainable energy.

Because HeteroFoaM as material systems is new to the science community, our research objective is to advance the knowledge and understanding base that will allow HeteroFoaM to be designed and created for use in energy systems. HeteroFoaM technology can then be used to enable clean energy conversion and storage devices such as fuel cells, hydrogen generators, capacitors, batteries, and separation membranes. This will revolutionize the transportation, portable power, residential power, and communications industries and also free us from the economic shackles of limited supplies of fossil or designer fuels and precious metals.

We believe HeteroFoaM is critical to the future of sustainability in America. A comprehensive scientific understanding of HeteroFoaM could fundamentally change the way our nation creates and consumes energy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a bridge between how HeteroFoaM is made and how they work in devices so that we can enable the prescriptive design of HeteroFoaM for specific functional behavior. Our research connects creative design and synthesis with multiphysics modeling of HeteroFoaM. An integrated approach combines atomistic to continuum modeling, multiscale design, synthesis and processing of materials, and in situ characterization using spectroscopic and microscopic techniques in both two and three dimensions.Enter Content