SOFC Group Summer 2011


The Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Center is part of the larger USC Future Fuels TM  Initiative, which works to develop new fuel and energy choices, which are becoming increasingly important as the United States and other nations look to reduce their reliance on carbon-based fuel.  Solid oxide fuel cells are one of the leading types of fuel cells available for commercialization.

Led by an excellent faculty team, the Vision for the Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Center for Excellence is a bright future for society, enabled by efficient energy conversion, a sustainable environment, low-cost fuel cell systems and rapid new energy technology insertion.  The faculty objective is to use engineering to drive the science that is needed to enable fuel cells and systems.

Core Faculty

The SOFC faculty have been hand picked and assembled to lead the University's efforts in research and developing new fuel and energy choices.

Frank Chen

Separation Membrane; Energy Conversion, Energy Storage

Yanhai Du

New Products and Fabrication Process Development; SOFC and System Design; Fabrication and Characterization; Inorganic Materials

Kevin Huang
Fundamental Studies of Electrochemical Phenomena in Energy-Related Devices

Xinyu Huang
Mechanics and Durability of Functional and Structural Composite Materials

Prasun Majumdar
Manufacturing, Multi-Physics Analysis, Micro-/Nano-Mechanics, Prognosis and Life Prediction of Multi-scale and Multi-functional Heterogeneous Materials

Chris Xue

Fuel Cells; Electrolysis; Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy; Mathematical Modeling

Xiao-dong Zhou

Fuel Cells, Batteries; Thermoelectrics; Solid-State Electrochemistry; Charge and Heat Transport

Affiliated Faculty

There are three affiliated faculty who round out the SOFC leadership. They are:

Jamil Khan

Heat Transfer; Fluid Dynamics

Chen Li

Micro/Nano Heat and Mass Transport Phenomena; Solar Cell Technology; Nanofabrication Technology with Applications on Transport Efficiency

Xiaodong "Chris" Li

Nanostructure, Nanofabrication; Boron; Mechanical Engineering